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is stronger than we think, or is this just because the federal reserve has created an environment where there just are very few alternatives to owning u.s. stocks? >> i believe the reasons that the stock market has been pretty strong this year, and as you say, maria, been hitting new highs is that the u.s. private sector and the corporate sector in particular is in really good shape. the factors i would point to is here in the united states we have by global standards cheap and plentiful energy, both oil and natural gas, that we have innovation and productivity. the economy is currently producing at an all-time high level in terms of gdp. but with about four million, five million less people employed than before the recession. so the productivity and innovation in the u.s. economy have been very strong. >> so are you putting new money to work, then, jim? how are you allocating capital with all of this? >> i think the key point in equity is to have a plan, have a long-term allocation. you should be up to waiting u.s. equities. if not, you should be moving up. i think the preference for b
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1